Asset Building Loan for Entrepreneurs (ABLE)

The goal of the Asset Building Loan for Entrepreneurs (ABLE) fund is to provide low-interest financing for historically underserved, minority-led nonprofits and small businesses to buy a vehicle or inventory, renovate their workspace, refinance predatory debt for assets, or finance a business transfer or worker co-op conversion.

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What can I apply for?
  • Loans up to $10K, $25K and $100,000.
  • Interest rate is 3% for small businesses and 0% for nonprofits
  • These loans can be used to:
    • Buy inventory
    • Buy a vehicle for business purposes
    • Remodel or renovate your location or storefront
    • Refinance predatory debt that was taken on to buy fixed assets
    • Purchase an existing business (such as from a relative)
    • Convert your business to a worker-owned co-operative (learn about worker co-ops here)
Am I eligible?

To apply, your business or nonprofit must be:

  • Owned or led by person(s) who is one or more of the following:
    • Black
    • Disabled
    • Hispanic/Latino
    • LGBTQ+
    • Middle Eastern/North African*
    • Military veteran
    • Native or Indigenous*
    • Refugee*
    • New for 2024
  • In operation for at least 2 years 
  • Earning less than $1M in annual revenue or budget
  • Based in and serving Miami-Dade County
What do I need to apply?
  • Complete an application to describe your company, what you will buy with the funding, and explain how this loan would help you reach your goals. 
  • Because we assess your company’s ability to repay the loan, and because it is personally guaranteed, we also request financial documentation, such as:
    • Financial statements (business and personal)
    • Tax returns (business and personal)
    • Business bank statements 
    • Cash flow projections
    • Staffing roster
  • For a full list of requirements, review our checklist.
What is the timeline?
  • This is the last year of funding.
  • Applications will reopen on March 1, 2024.
  • Applications will close on September 30, 2024.
  • Complete applications are reviewed within 5-10 business days.
    • If your application is not complete, you may be referred to a technical assistance (TA) provider who can help you. 
What if I need help with my application?
How will decisions be made?
  • Approximately 30-40 businesses get financing each year.
  • We prioritize providing loans to companies who can repay it.
  • As applications are received, we review them using the criteria below.
    1. Owner(s) represent multiple aspects of historical disadvantage
    2. Employee(s) reflect population of historical disadvantage
    3. Company provides good or service that benefits the community
    4. Company has strong financial capacity
    5. Company has strong operations and organizational capacity
    6. Company has specific, concrete plans to use funding to transform trajectory
    7. Company is an employer firm that offers quality jobs
    8. Company has clear and realistic plans to acquire and deploy asset
    9. Business is located in target OFB community (specific underserved neighborhoods)

Learn more about the ABLE loan and how it could work for your business by hearing from fellow entrepreneurs.

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