Mileyka Burgos-Flores

Mileyka Burgos-Flores is a Dominican-American activist in Miami, Florida. She is the founding Executive Director of The Allapattah Collaborative, CDC, a non-profit organization focused on implementing place making techniques to foster identity, supporting wealth building strategies for marginalized communities of color and advocating for policies/procedures that support equitable, comprehensive and sustainable community development. Mileyka holds a bachelor degree from the University of Miami and a master degree from Florida International University.

She has dedicated much of her time to advocating for social justice in marginalized communities by establishing and assisting organizations focused on developing youth, empowering people, and celebrating culture. She is an avid advocate of strategies that foster equity, upward mobility, identity and economic vitality in immigrant communities of color.

In 2017, Ms. Burgos was selected as a “Neighborhood Hero” to join a group of community activists who lead social innovation projects to move forward the City of Miami. In this program, she focused on creating a pathway of ownership for small business owners who are being displaced from their long-standing storefronts. In the past ten years, she has focused on the Little Santo Domingo section of the City of Miami by developing strong partnerships and more in-depth knowledge of the issues facing this community, its history, and the work of community leaders who came before her.

Ms. Burgos-Flores is the founding Vice President of Miami Next Leaders and a previous board member of Dade Heritage Trust, Allapattah Community Advisory Council, The Advocate Program and FIU Research Center for Minority Institutions. She was the 2013-2014 Executive Director of the Dominican American National Foundation and later joined the YMCA of South Florida as a Senior Program Director managing high profile grants and programs. She is a 2016 University of South Florida Community Real Estate Development Fellow, 2017 Miami’s New Leaders Council Fellow, 2018 Radical Partner’s Leadership Lab Neighborhood Heroes Fellow, 2019 University of Miami Community Scholars in Affordable Housing and the 2019 NALCAB’s Pete Garcia Community & Economic Development Fellowship.

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