Small Business Microgrant Awardees (2023)


Through the Open for Business (OFB) program, we support historically underserved, minority-led small businesses and nonprofits to build resilience and generational wealth through asset ownership.

The objective of the Microgrant for Technology or Equipment is to provide funding support to nonprofit organizations and small businesses to purchase critical hardware, software, and machinery assets to grow their business. Below are the microgrant awardees from for-profit small businesses we recognize from the second round of funding. 

Applicants not chosen in a round may apply in future cycles. Upcoming rounds will be announced on our website and through our newsletter

Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services

Tidy Pets, LLC

Tidy Pets Pooper Scoopers is a pet waste management company in Miami, FL, offering pooper scooper and deodorizing services for residential and commercial properties and pet-friendly events. We give our clients more time with their families and pets in their yards and keep commercial spaces beautiful and odor free. We do that by scooping, treating, bagging, and trashing pet waste in an eco-friendly manner to reduce the impact on the environment, people, and pets. Our motto is Tidy Yard. Tidy Pet.

Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting

PG Tropicals Inc.

I am a farming 100% of a 2.5 acre property in the historic Redland Agricultural Area. My business focuses on selling plants, seeds, and propagating plants, specifically sub tropical fruit trees. Aside from plants I also sell fruit to both individual customers, farms, restaurants, and chefs. The main fruit I purvey is
guava, but I have several other trees and plants as well, among these several dozen fruiting species in hopes of increasing the variety of items I may offer both as nursery products and harvested fruit.


Alabao Roofing Services Corp.

We proudly serve the South Florida Community with all their roofing needs for residential and commercial properties. We let our work speak for itself. Whether it’s a new installation, a complete re-roof, or a repair to your existing roof, we try our absolute best to keep you satisfied. We are a family business with over 20 years of experience in the roofing field. Trust our family with the roof over yours. 


Fonsis LLC is a family business founded in 2017 that aims to use education and training innovations to change the concept of construction services into one that is detailed, polite, clean, and reliable. Our reputation is built on serving institutions by creating new and fresh environments through painting, flooring and window cleaning services. Fonsis LLC has a unique initiative of training women survivors of domestic violence from shelters and offering them a career to become self sufficient. Fonsis LLC generates employment for 5 families in 4 years and we have been growing with entrepreneurship education, implementing learned strategies, and using resources to become more competitive in a male-dominated industry.


Milton Services is made up of services and trades. We offer window treatments sales and instillation, concrete services, painting, drywalling, pressure cleaning and other home improvement services.

Educational Services

BSExpress Delivery LLC

BSExpress Delivery trains aspiring and established beauty professionals on mobility to perform salon care services and deliveries on-demand. We train beauty professionals at Dorsey Technical College during a 72 hour cohort which helps start-up and established beauty professional with business development, tech innovation and marketing. Once the professionals complete the course, we also offer job placement on our platform to service and deliver to mothers raising children with disabilities in need of help with self-care maintenance and shopping for essential beauty needs.


Doral Preschool Corp was incorporated on September 2, 2009, with the original name Future Kids Corp. On December 23, 2019, we changed our name to Doral Preschool Corp, in order to reflect the city where we are headquartered, the City of Doral. Since its creation, it has remained at the same address and continues to establish a commercial relationship with the people and businesses in this area. We currently have 98 students, with the capacity for 107 students. 

Foreclosure Forensics LLC

Foreclosure Forensics, LLC is a research operation that supports foreclosure defense litigation lawyers by examining the content of foreclosure cases for evidence of wrongful practices and faulty financial transactions. We train low to moderate income property owners how to examine wrongful foreclosure policies and practices with classes, lectures by subject matter experts, and practical case study analysis. 

Fysique Fitness, Inc.

Personal Fitness Trainer, Meal Prep Chef, and Youth Sports Development. Provide services to a broad spectrum of clients in the community and beyond, ranging from tooth age to elderly.

Kids Steps Academy Inc

Our preschool is an educational center committed to the bell-being and development of children from infant to 5-year-old. We focus on providing a quality education, and we are committed to the well-being of our Hispanic community.

Our approach focuses on the integral development of each child, fostering their curiosity, creativity and love for learning.

Our facilities are equipped with appropriate educational materials and tools to stimulate children cognitive, social, emotional and physical growth. Our school provides a quality education based on love and respect, laying the foundation for a successful future.

Open Mind Learning and Fine Arts

We are an academic after school care program that specializes in improving grades, teaching students who come from Spanish speaking families how to read, write, and speak English, amongst many other things. With the goal of motivating and building confidence around education, we create an environment that works well with the students’ school teachers’ so that we can work together and reinforce what they learn everyday. We take pride in the way we personalize and adapt for each student that walks through our doors and believe that is what sets us apart the most. Our owners have been teachers for 20+ years and have a solid understanding of how our education system works.

Pitch It LLC

Pitch It! is a Florida-based LLC that focuses on personal branding and voice development, specializing in empowering business leaders to enhance their pitching, public speaking, communication skills, and personal brand representation. We offer self-paced courses, one-on-one mentorship, and tailored coaching to equip salespersons with the essential tools to engage customers, negotiate effectively, and gain a deeper understanding of their market.

Shining Light Childcare Development Center,Inc

Shining Light Childcare Development Center is an Accredited Professional early care and education Learning Environment for children from birth through third grade.

Finance and Insurance

Skyline Insurance & Finances LLC

My business offers every different types of insurance, including, but not limited to Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, Automobile Insurance, Annuities, Accident Insurance, Disability Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance, Burial Insurance, Pet Insurance, Travel Insurance, Travel Medical Insurance, Mortgage Insurance, and Renters Insurance. We are also licensed tax preparers.

Health Care & Social Assistance

A & L Rodriguez Corp

Our preschool provides quality child care for children 3 months old to 5 years old. In a comprehensive and nurturing environment that promotes the optimal development and well-being of children, our programs encompass the physical, emotional, social, and cognitive aspects of a child’s growth. By prioritizing holistic development and collaborating with parents to ensure their child’s well-being and success, we create a safe, supportive, and enriching environment where children can grow, learn, and thrive.

Blossom Group Florida, LLC

Certified through M-DCPS as a Minority/Women Business Enterprise (MWBE), Blossom Group Florida is a dynamic, multi-disciplinary team that provides high-quality mental health and counseling services to children, youth, adults, and families. Along with our commitment to wellness, we strive to create a safe and supportive space to discover balance, cultivate joy, and experience true well-being, so that our clients may find happiness and fulfillment in their lives, and harmony in their homes. We provide a holistic approach to diagnostic assessments, therapy, counseling, and support services for those experiencing mental health issues, communication challenges, or family conflicts.  

Little Giants Kid’s Services, Corp

Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Center, we take care of children with medically-complex conditions in the least restrictive environment, we provide them nursing care and all therapies needed.

Magnolia Birth House

At Magnolia, we guard and nurture the normal and natural process of pregnancy and birth, working together to respond to our client’s unique needs with a focus on achieving optimal outcomes and fostering intimate, lasting relationships with each of the families we serve. Our birth center is an ideal location for providing prenatal, birth, and postpartum services in a sympathetic environment while addressing the social and environmental conditions that contribute to poor birth outcomes in Miami’s urban core. We create a circle of care, make mental health counseling available at no cost, provide nutrition education and support, offer midwife led prenatal care regardless of intended place of birth, and guarantee doula care regardless of income level. We believe that in helping families be fully present and in control of the way they give birth, we empower them to be full participants in their care, and able to approach pregnancy and birth with real understanding, intention, and confidence.  

One on One Behavioral Services LLC

One on One Behavioral Services provides one-on-one Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) behavioral therapy to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and related disorders in Miami-Dade County.

Top Notch Afterare and Tutoring Program Inc.

Our business offers after school care, teaching, motivation, self-love and tutoring to children and parents in the community.


Brand Consultant Group LLC

With the mission of delivering superior business solutions and a commitment to enhancing brand presence and expanding autience outreach, Brand Consultant Group specializes in software development and market strategy, providing businesses with the means to achieve significant growth and success. We offer bespoke solutions, designed meticulously to align with each client’s unique market and business objectives. Our experienced professionals excel in transforming ideas into reality, utilizing the latest in technology for projects ranging from website overhauls to mobile application development. Additionally, we offer strategic market analysis and competitive study services, focusing on driving revenue and accelerating growth. 

Project M Media Corp 

At Project M Media, we take great pride in being a leading business and media consultant dedicated to providing exceptional training and guidance to businesses and individuals. Our comprehensive services are designed to cater to the needs of our clients, offering both in-person and online training platforms for enhanced accessibility and flexibility. We also specialize in delivering comprehensive financial corporate training programs, where equip employees with essential money management skills, enabling them to achieve personal and professional financial stability. We also serve as a valuable resource for the Latino Community through our Social Media platform, @eldinerosiimporta (Money does Matter), where we strive to bridge the financial wealth gap through the dissemination of financial news, information, and empowering Hispanics with the tools necessary for achieving financial success. 

Tate Media Enterprises LLC

Hy-Lo News is a hyper-local news company that publishes news and content to inform South Florida’s Black and Brown Millennials, publishing news articles, video interviews, and panel discussions about breaking news, hot topics, and social issues of the day in their community. We understand that traditional local media can sometimes be stiff, biased, and not created for Urban Millennials, so we present our news in an engaging tone to make sure our audience knows what’s happening in South Florida and what issues will affect them most. 


Bakerish Corp

We are a Bakery & cafe located inside a condo. We offer breakfast and lunch to the community, we do all our own bake goods in house to offer fresh and artisanal products to our clientele.

Fookem’s Fabulous, LLC

After being furloughed during covid, I began Fookem’s Fabulous as a means of making ends meet by selling slices of my homemade key lime pie in front of my house, but it quickly became a kitschy neighborhood staple, spoken of as much for the quality of the pie as for reviving the vendor, hippie spirit and Bahamian history that Coconut Grove was once known for. Fookem’s Fabulous has been featured on Good Morning America, MSNBC, and The Miami Herald, and has been awarded “Best Key Lime Pie” in the Miami New Times’ “Best of 2022” edition, as well as “Best Dessert” at the 2023 Orange Bowl Food & Wine Celebration. The business motto is simple: create a product and experience that could stand out as a highlight during a trip to South Florida. Made from scratch and particularly famous for the crust, our pies can be found on various restaurant menus, Joshs Premium Meats fine-products market, and our recent brick-and-mortar location at 3606 Grand Avenue in West Grove.

Juice Defined

JuiceDefined, LLC is a raw, fresh & cold pressed juice company and wellness hub that creates access to healthier options by providing a community-based and holistic approach to wellness. Our aim is to provide quality experiences by bringing innovative and fresh wellness ideas to our community that bring people together with the sole purpose of raising awareness and improving quality of life.

Miami Growth Machine LLC

Miami Growth Machine is a CPG manufacturing incubator, offering cosmetics and other start-ups the expertise to develop winning products in areas such as formulation, supply chain management, and of course, manufacturing/co-packing. More than a co-packer, MGM is a community platform, tapping into the broader Miami entrepreneur ecosystem, but focused specifically on empowering small businesses with historically underrepresented founders to launch products with limited resources. Our plant can blend, fill, and label most lotions, gels, liquids, perfumes, serums, and creams without forcing new brands to commit to large minimums.

Radiate Miami LLC

When you drink a can of Radiate Kombucha, you’re choosing an ethically sourced, small batch, locally-made, and probiotic-rich superfood. You’re supporting a Mom-owned business working to localize our food system and create a transparent, ethical community, as well as supporting small local farms and farmers families. Every single ingredient has been researched and sourced meticulously to ensure that we are crafting the highest quality product on the market, and we strive for integrity, transparency, honesty, and a sustainable future for our community because we care. Radiate; cultivating culture, compassion and community.

Threaded By Lavish Inc

I make custom snug fit like a glove wig using a sewing machine for women suffering from hair loss due to medication, alopecia, chemo, thyroid, or lack time. I have now implemented add-ons and wig rejuvenation to my services which add-ons has been the latest trend which can assist the women who lacks time, add fullness and/or length, want a quick fix, or on the go, and increase my revenue.

Zaytouna Foods LLC

Zaytouna is a Social Entreprise who’s mission is to employ Syrian Women Refugees in Miami. We have 3 arms: Catering, Wholesale, and Retail. We are a company that is women, minority, and refugee owned and run that produces authentic foods from the Middle East.

Other Services


My business is a beauty salon that offers hair drying services, hair treatments, manicures and pedicures. My business is cosmetology. It is located in Allapattah. We also sell products to treat hair.

Best Pest Pros LLC

We are a pest control company based in Miami Dade.

Black Travel Summit

Founded in 2019, the Black Travel Summit hosts year-round events celebrating the Black travel movement, with an emphasis on identifying leaders in the Black travel community and fostering partnerships between Black travel professionals, influencers and all members of the tourism supply chain. Attendees come together during monthly webinars, mini-summits, and an annual global summit and celebration of the African Diaspora.

Bodysong LLC

Bodysong LLC is rooted in the power of self-love and whole-hearted living. We sell inspirational apparel including t-shirts and hoodies.  We also produce video, audio, and written content, all aimed to promote compassion, empathy, the power of vulnerability, and self-love.

Designs By Sommer LLC

Located in Homestead Florida, Designs by Sommer has operated for almost 5 years, providing an affordable service to working and middle class professionals that prefer a personalized salon experience that fits into their lives. We are a multi cultural salon headed by a team with over 20 years of Professional Cosmetology experience and we aim to help our customer reveal their inner beauty by creating hair styles that increase their confidence while both protecting and helping them restore their natural hair. We also cater to customers with differing abilities that use wheel chairs or other medical aids to live life to it’s fullest potential. Our overall focus is not only listening to our customers, but bringing their style dreams to reality to increase their confidence while both protecting and helping them restore their natural hair. 


DJ STYLES LLC is a natural hair salon with a holistic approach to hair care and a focus on providing services such as natural hair care, hair loss recovery, and protective styles. We believe in creating a welcoming, inclusive environment where clients can feel comfortable and empowered to embrace and enhance the natural health and beauty of their hair. We are dedicated to providing personalized care and using high-quality products to ensure the best results for our clients. At our salon, we strive to promote overall well-being and help our clients feel confident and beautiful in their natural hair.

Dualis Consulting Corp

Awarded one of the ten best business consultants in Miami 7 years in a row from the site EXPERTISE San Francisco, Dualis Consulting is a distinguished business consulting organization that offers comprehensive services designed to analyze businesses from all perspectives, with a special focus on the human aspect. Our solutions encompass both technical and non-technical drivers of success, aiming to increase efficiency and profitability for organizations of all sizes and industries. With a strong belief in the BE-DO-HAVE equation, Dualis Consulting is committed to empowering entrepreneurs and small business owners by providing them with the resources, knowledge, and support needed to improve their businesses and transform their lives. Through our expert guidance, tailored solutions, and innovative approaches, Dualis Consulting strives to deliver tangible results and help their clients scale their businesses with humanity and sustainability.

Fefi’s Beauty Salon

Beauty salon for women including hair, color, manicure and pedicure.

Freedom Wingz, LLC

Freedom Wingz, LLC is a black-owned business that has been a vessel in the community since 2007. Our mission has always been to provide high quality food for an affordable price while maintaining the essence of black culture. Here at Freedom Wingz, its not just about food, its about creating relationships that will last a lifetime and giving back to the community. We have partnered on many occasions with many nonprofits, such as Northside Centre and 79th Street Corridor Neighborhood Initiative, and we are currently sponsoring an internship program for middle and high school students that are interested in hospitality. 

Hair life with quank

My passion for beauty began in 2008; many who know me call me Courtney, but most call me Quank. I want to encourage, speak life into, and give women, men, and children a reason to wake up confident in the morning while maintaining that same happiness as they go to sleep. At Hair Life With Quank, I offer customer hair stlyes, wigs, lashes extentions, hair scarfs, and hair buns to the liking of each client. Our services leave each client feeling transfromed and brand new. We cater to weddings, proms, graduadtions, sweet 16s and so much more.


Jin Jin Food Corporation (New York Buffet) is a chinese buffet restaurant that is located in Northside Shopping Center. we offer delicious, affordable dishes that will curb your appetite and satisfy your palate.

Kay’s Island Grill

Take Out restaurant serving Soul Food & Carribean Food in Miami Gardens, FL. We offer services for local community, day cares, elder centers. We also cater at a reasonable price then most large food chains. We pride ourselves for serving large chain restaurant food at an affordable price for the community.


Neyci Braids and Beauty is a hair salon specialized in hair braiding and extension.

Qoe The Brand

Qoe The Brand Services is a hair salon that offers natural hair services, such as dreadlocks lotician (locs), partial dreads, croquet braids, and retwisting hair strands by coiling, braiding, twisting, or palm-rolling to create a rope-like appearance and styling in small, medium or large coils. We offer the five stages of locs – starter, budding, teen, mature, and rooted – and hair maintenance while the clients are on the 18-24 months journey of growing their locs by giving herbal steams, washing, conditioning, combing, and hair treatments. We are proud to be offering trainings/clasese to the high schoolers in the art of the beauty trades.

A&H Design Services LLC

With degrees in graphic design and architecture, we are a family business that specializes in architectural drawings and design work. We have participated in Coconut Grove and Coral Gables festivals and Women center events as a jewelry designer, as well as had the honor to make a Mural for the Ransom Everglades School at the Groove and design the Ransom Everglades history at their new building “La Brisa” located at their inner campus. We feel like Coconut Grove is our home because of the very kind and supportive people.

Professional, Scientific and Technical Services


Brindo acompañamiento contable y tributario a personas naturales y empresas. Guio a los emprendedores desde el comienzo con la creación de la empresa, manejo operativo durante el año y declaraciones de todo tipo de impuestos. Educo a mis con asesorías personalizadas, webinar, clases y conferencias. Aldano Group LLC tambien apoya varias comunidades que brindan apoyo a emprendedores y profesionales.

ARY Projects

ARY Projects provides services under the DBA The Marketer Architect as a Digital Agency dedicated to helping small retail businesses with a physical presence in Miami-Dade County shopping centers. We help small retailers create captivating visuals and designs for their physical locations so they can attract more clients while fostering the economic activity of the community. We also help physical retailers with Digital Marketing strategies so they can stay in contact with their customers and build a stronger relationships with them, in order to benefit our clients, their customers, and the shopping center landlords. Thought our The Marketer Architect (TMA) Studio, we support local artists who make art for public places in the County by using our expertise in manufacture and production to help them create the rendering and printing files that they need to produce quality artwork in the built environment.

Bach Business Solutions II LLC

Bach Business Solutions II LLC dba UB Recovery provides energy consulting services to small, medium, and large companies, in specific industries, that qualify for certain tax exemptions on the energy they consume for their operations. With the intent to recover overpayments of those taxes and save them money in the future.

Cornerstone Healthcare Navigation & Patient Advocacy, LLC

As medical management of health conditions are moving from inpatient settings to ambulatory settings, individual patients (family/caregivers) and Community Based Care (CBC) organizations are increasingly responsible for care management. CBC organizations include Home Health Care Agencies (HH) and Assisted Living Facilities (ALF) which provide a wide range of services for people with serious and/or complex medical conditions, such as care management and coordination, meal preparation, house-keeping, and medication management. Since improvement of the medical condition is generally associated with the patient taking his/her medications as prescribed, Cornerstone Health NPA provides medication management services to individuals and Community Based Healthcare organizations through medications reviews and systems redesign support with the goal of achieving desired healthcare outcomes while minimizing drug related problems.

Credit360 Inc

Credit360 is a reputable credit repair company that specializes in assisting individuals and businesses in improving their credit profiles. By leveraging their expertise and industry knowledge, Credit360 helps clients navigate the complexities of the credit system to achieve better credit scores and financial stability.

Digital E Consulting LLC

Established in 2018, Digital E Consulting provides monitoring and data analysis services on the condition of Miami’s buildings, bridges, and shorelines by building highly detailed topographic models of infrastructure assets captured by drones. Using the latest technology, Digital E Consulting is able to monitor infrastructure, reduce the cost of inspections, and increase safety with actionable, data-based solutions at an affordable cost that address the threat of natural disasters and rising sea levels in our community. As an immigrant from Venezuela, our founder, Alexander Nunez hopes to spread his love of the STEM field to future generations, specifically to minorities, and show them the joy and opportunities this field has to offer.

Dsigners Group Inc.

D-Signers Group Inc. is a provider of display advertising and digital marketing solutions. We leverage cutting-edge strategies and captivating designs to maximize brand visibility and drive measurable results for businesses seeking to thrive in the digital landscape.

DUB Consulting, LLC

We are an innovative gym that prioritizes mental and bone health in our exercise programming to assist our clients through their transformative journeys. Our certified movement specialists thoroughly explain and demonstrate each exercise, ensuring clients understand the benefits and proper techniques. We recognize the challenges of incorporating fitness into a busy lifestyle, so we help clients develop strategies for maintaining a commitment to well-being amidst hectic lives. Our gym offers a personalized fitness experience with a range of training options to cater to individual preferences and goals, such as 1:1 personal training and semi-private group sessions.

EC Service Provider LLC

EC Service Provider LLC is a consulting and HR service company based out of Florida. We are a proud woman owned and operated company with capabilities to provide an array of services, such as payroll, hr consulting, bookkeeping services, and operations consulting. We have over 20 years of industry experience which allows us to provide satisfaction in all of our clients. 


We are an information technology service provider that assist with computer repair, website development, workforce trainings.

Law Office of Liza R. Galindo, P.A.

We are a bilingual immigration law firm providing legal services to foreign nationals in the United States looking to legalize their status or to help lawfully bring family or employees from abroad to the U.S. Our services include providing representation before immigration agencies (such as defending foreign nationals facing deportation), legal consultations to determine what relief our clients may be eligible for to remain lawfully in the U.S., and advising on the steps necessary to be eligible for relief. Our business also helps young foreign nationals renew their status and become lawful permanent residents, such as working with DREAMERs (foreign nationals that arrived in the U.S. as children who meet the requirements set by USCIS), as well as foreign nationals under the age of 18 who have been abused, abandoned or have suffered negligence under one or both of their parents through a Special Immigrant Juvenile petition.

Publigraphic, LLC

Our company leverages over 12 years of experience in the graphic design field to provide advertising, printing, and design services to businesses, organizations, and individuals who need professional materials for promotional or marketing purposes. Our printing shop offers a variety of printing services, such as business cards, brochures, flyers, posters, banners, and signs, as well as design services to help clients create custom graphics and layouts for their printed materials. 


Quaxar started as a web development consulting firm in 2000 at Harvard Business School, and it has become a leading provider of loyalty and customer service solutions for a leading provider of loyalty and customer service solutions to customer communities through the Internet. Our company has established a subsidiary in Mexico and sales coverage in more than 100 companies in various industries throughout Latin America and North America. We are convinced that the key to being successful in this project is the leadership and dedication of our experienced team of enthusiastic, creative professionals with over 20 years of extensive experience in the technology and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) sector. 

Yasnay Montalvo-Garcia, LLC

We help small business owners Put Profit First. Micro-Business Catalyst offers a range of services, including online mentoring and coaching, digital courses, live training, workshops, and tailored business advisory and consulting services to help business owners take control of their bookkeeping, improve their cash flow, access capital, and optimize their operations. We also provide support through partnerships with various small business development programs. Our business advisory approach elevates our clients’ success in achieving their goals and serves as the catalyst in the small business community to help entrepreneurs thrive! 

Zo Creative, inc.

We are a promotional products company that offers services such as design and print production, and have experience working with marketing departments on various events, including grand openings and new product launches. In addition to our over 100,000 products to choose from, we also help with special products that are not on our website. We are always striving to maintain our high level of customer satisfaction by delivering high-quality products on time and within budget.

Retail Trade

Andys’son inc

Top Taste Jamaican Restaurant: the name says it all. We sell authentic Jamaican food and other Jamaican items such as pastries and soaps, etc.

Anima Mundi Inc.

Pega Grill is a small women-owned and operated restaurant established in 2011 and was acquired by Anima Mundi, Inc. in 2019. We serve Greek cuisine and offer brunch/lunch Monday thru Friday from 10 am to 3:30 p.m. Pega Grill is in Downtown Miami and serves commuters of the Miami-Dade County Courthouse, the Seybold Building (local wholesale jewelers), several government buildings, and local retail stores located within a walking distance. We have become a staple Greek restaurant in Downtown Miami serving affordable and delicious Greek flavours for more than a decade. 

Birdie Frozen Yogurt Shop LLC

We are a self served frozen treat shop. We provide fresh toppings and delicious frozen yogurt by weight.

Chefs on the Run Assorted Cuisine

Chefs on the Run is the first Caribbean-American Gastro pub and family-owned and operated. Our menu offers local craft beer and house made sangria. We have been in Downtown Homestead for over 11 years and have become a destination for many to come. We are small, but have huge flavor and support our town very much.

Cosechas Florida OP LLC

Founded in 2015, Purple Orchid is a healthy food restaurant with 4 locations in South Florida. We offer healthy smoothies, breakfast, lunch, and catering options. In 2023 Purple Orchid is working to franchise and expand, with a goal of adding 2 new locations by the end of 2023. Also, we are certified as a SBE firm with the Miami Dade County.

Destiny Bridal Dress Inc.

Our thriving bridal boutique, dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of brides, has been serving the community for over five years. With unwavering passion, we assist brides in finding their perfect wedding dress and accessories, ensuring they feel radiant and confident on their special day. Our curated collection of exquisite gowns, personalized consultations, and exceptional service have earned us a reputation as a cherished destination for unforgettable bridal experiences. Join us on this magical journey where dreams become reality, and love shines brighter than ever before.


Peel Soft Serve makes delicious vegan soft serve using two ingredients: bananas and coconut milk.  We use 100% “rescued” bananas, saving thousands of pounds of bananas that would’ve ended up in a landfill.

Fanny Food Peruvian, Corp

Fanny Food Peruvian Corp. has been in business for 15 years, specializing in the manufacturing and business-to-business sales of Peruvian tamales (a typical South American cornmeal-based patty stuffed with meat and/or other add-ons) sold under its proprietary brand name Panka. The Company makes all its products from scratch, beginning with the importing of whole-grain corn that is ground into corn meal and used as the base of the tamale. To produce its different flavors, they incorporate various meats and seasonings that make up the Company’s proprietary recipes. 

Fletcher & Company LLC 

Capitalizing on the growing trend of online shopping, Fletcher & Company LLC is a thriving e-commerce business that focuses on offering attainable luxury furniture and home goods. With over 20 collaborative partnerships with specialized manufacturers, the company provides an extensive range of products such as headboards, bedroom sets, dressers, murphy beds, and vanities. We have an online furniture store, Velvet Headboards at, where we offer personalized service, including chat and phone customer support, flexible payment plans, extended warranties, and white glove delivery services, as well as ship directly from manufacturers located in the U.S. to optimize efficiency and reduce shipping costs. We also offer our products on Walmart Marketplace, where we aim to establish a home organization brand that aligns with our mission of elegance, sustainability, and attainability.

Flowers By Nelson

Flowers by Nelson is a flower shop in Allapattah, Miami.

Healthy Lifestyle Club INC

Take out restaurant serving seafood and chicken, no pork or raw fish. Small business with less than 15 employees looking to reopen May/ June.

Italian Vice LLC

Italian Vice LLC (“IV”) is a mobile, event-based dessert company established in 2018 that provides high-quality, natural, and affordable products to the the residents of Overtown and the surrounding areas, offering the community a healthier alternative to traditional desserts. We began operations in 2020 as mobile and event-based, and will be opening a flagship store in Overtown in the future. We started with one mobile cart in and have since expanded to three mobile carts, two mobile bars, and established a presence in two food markets: Smorgasburg and Yellow Green Market. Our main product is Gourmet Italian Ice, made with real fruit and natural ingredients. Italian Ice, also known as “Water Ice” in Philadelphia, my place of birth and upbringing, is an iconic dessert enjoyed by people of all ages.

La Chepena Corp

Mobile food truck catering to construction sites in Miami Dade County with hot/cold food and beverages.


La Nueva Era Cafe is aa Dominican Restaurant that specialized in Latin food and Caribbean cuisine.

Lashell’s Purrty Accessories LLC

Lashell’s Purrty Accessories LLC was established to fulfill the need for more diverse, upscale, and expensive-looking accessories and clothing in the low-modern community, with an emphasis on plus-sized women. My business provides nice, trendy looking clothes for businesswomen, businessmen and girls of all ages, sizes, gender, and affiliations trying to obtain well-made, good-looking earrings, bracelets, and business and school apparel. I am located in a very vibrant commercial district, ideally located to fill the shortage for casual, business, formal and sportswear.

Roots Printing LLC

Roots Printing is an affordable full service printing company for clothing and marketing materials in South Florida.

Ten’s Kitchen, LLC

Ten’s Kitchen, LLC is a Black-owned business that serves as a neighborhood meeting place where people can come to socialize and eat together. The origins of our recipes can be traced back to before slavery and has since been coined “Soul Food”. Chef, Tendra Ferguson, has infused such dishes with Bahamian cuisines as to adapt to the “Melting Pot” or “Tossed Salad” of the Miami culture. In addition, Ten’s Kitchen provides catering to corporations, churches, parties, families, weddings, funerals, special events and more, as well as via mobile from our food truck.

Busines1st Inc

We are an import and export company, specializing in parts, raw material, machinery, equipment, and close out merchandise for import and export.


Miami Mini Riders Transportation Inc, transports children to and from schools within Miami-Dade County for an affordable weekly fee.  We provide door to door services from the child’s home to school and back to their home.

Wholesale Trade

Easy Plus Corp

Easy Plus Corp, Responsable de dar un servicio eficiente de distribucion DSD a supermercados, escuelas, y otros clientes en general. Productos con los que contamos, HELADOS, en diferentes formatos, bases para helados, para heladerias y restaurantes, y proximamente, Ice cream shake, Jugos y mas.

Seedees Inc

We import and export dry and wet goods ,computers ,materials ,food and building materials.


Wünderfood LLC is a South Florida-based company focused on the procurement, development, manufacturing, logistics and other value-added services of premium quality food products and unsurpassed customer service across Europe, North and South America. Our business applies our expertise and extensive network to source the best quality products customized to the requirements of customers at all levels of the food chain. We pride ourselves on customer service and understanding each of our customers needs. 

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