Nonprofit Microgrant Awardees (2023)


Through the Open for Business (OFB) program, we support historically underserved, minority-led small businesses and nonprofits to build resilience and generational wealth through asset ownership.

The objective of the Microgrant for Technology or Equipment is to provide funding support to nonprofit organizations and small businesses to purchase critical hardware, software, and machinery assets to grow their business. Below are the microgrant awardees from nonprofit organizations we recognize from the second round of funding. 

Applicants not chosen in a round may apply in future cycles. Upcoming rounds will be announced on our website and through our newsletter

Arts & Culture

American Czech and Slovak Cultural Club

The mission of the American Czech and Slovak Cultural Club is to educate ourselves and others in the cuisine, culture, traditions, and freedoms of the Czech, Slovak, and American people in order to become better citizens of the United States of America.

Hued Songs

Hued Songs (HS) produces performances across South Florida that amplify Black joy and Black culture. Through song, spoken word, dance, and heart, our work is rooted across three core principles:  1) To provide a platform through which BIPOC artists can be seen, heard, and paid;  2) The arts are a right and not a privilege, thus we work to remove cost, geography, and perception barriers to every performance and gathering;  3) Every performance is an opportunity to build belonging, empathy, and community for all.

The Children’s Voice Chorus

The Children’s Voice Chorus (CVC) empowers diverse young people in Miami with artistic and life skills through experiences in vocal music.  By learning and singing in highly inclusive group settings, creating original music, and serving the community, youth find their voices, learn the value in others’, and unite to create and find the joy in self-expression.  Vision statement: Our vision is that our students, far beyond their time in CVC, will make the world a more beautiful place by sharing their unique gifts, practice empathy and understanding toward others.

The McKenzie Project Inc

The mission of The McKenzie Project is to live, learn, and participate in building community and centering spaces by and for Black transgender, gender nonconforming, and nonbinary (TGNCNB+) individuals to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in order for us to become self-sufficient and flourish.

The Poetry Potluck

The mission of the Spoken Word Exchange’s Poetry Potluck is to build greater community bonds through the art of Spoken Word Poetry and Creative Writing.

Women Photographers International Archive (WOPHA)

Our mission is to document and highlight the contributions of women photographers to modern and contemporary art in order to rewrite the artistic canon and provoke social change. Women Photographers International Archive (WOPHA) researches, promotes, supports, and educates on the role of those who identify as women and non-binary in photography. Having begun as a dynamic database showcasing the unique stories of women-identified Cuban photographers, WOPHA has expanded its geographic scope to include photographers around the globe.

Civic Engagement, Advocacy, & Equity

Collective Sistahood Inc.

Collective Sistahood Inc is a collection of organizations joining together to serve, educate and promote social welfare in our communities.   Our Vision is Uniting Gifts and Fighting Deprivation.

Economic & Community Development

Erzule Paul Foundation

Erzule Paul Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides children and families impacted by poverty, injustice, displacement, and tragedy with clothing, food, and education for sustenance and self-sufficiency.

HACCOF Foundation Inc.

The mission of HACCOF Foundation Inc. is to serve as a Direct Support Organization to the Haitian American Chamber of Commerce of Florida, Inc. (HACCOF) by raising additional and much needed funding for the Chamber’s key value added programs that serve the larger community.

South Florida Community Development Coalition (SFCDC)

Our mission is to educate, equip, and empower the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to champion comprehensive development.

Transition, Inc.

Transition, Inc., a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization located in the heart of Overtown, assists under-served residents of Miami Dade County in becoming gainfully employed.  Transition provides clients with workforce readiness training, career exploration, job placements, occupational skills training and pro-active coaching. Transition targets its efforts towards assisting youthful offenders, returning residents, homeless, disabled, veterans and low income individuals as well as others facing various employment barriers. It is the agency’s goal to remain pro-actively engaged with clients and to ensure they succeed in satisfying job performance standards as well as adopting additional life skills to remain financially stable and personally self-sufficient.

Venprendedoras Foundation

Venprendedoras is a Miami-based nonprofit that empowers Venezuelan and Hispanic women entrepreneurs, by providing them with the visibility, connections and support they need to thrive in the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.   We believe that every woman, regardless of her origin, age, ethnicity, or accent, deserves equal access to resources and opportunities to succeed in her business endeavors. Working with local organizations and through access to information, learning opportunities, and networking activities, we strive to bridge the gap for first generation Hispanic migrant women entrepreneurs. At Venprendedoras, we are dedicated to paving the way for a more diverse and inclusive entrepreneurial community in Miami.

Education & Youth

CEO Financial Literacy Academy

Our mission is to empower at-risk youth through mentorship, life skills development, and educational support. By collaborating with Trio, Talent Search, OIC, Miami Dade   College, and other schools and organizations located in opportunity zones and children  initiative zones, we address their unique needs in financial literacy, communication,  leadership, and vocational training. We are committed to breaking the cycle of poverty  and juvenile delinquency by creating systematic change and providing equal  opportunities for underserved populations. Our ultimate goal is to inspire personal growth, foster academic success, and empower these young individuals to become future leaders in their communities.

Experience Aviation

The mission of Experience Aviation is to empower all youth to peruse fields in STEM+ and aviation by providing experiential and hand-on learning to achieve their higher self.

Fanm Saj, Inc.

Fanm Saj’s mission is to provide families across the African Diaspora with cultural and wellness tools as well as social and political resources to nourish themselves, families and communities.

Gamebred Youth & Families, Inc.

Gamebred Youth & Families is a nonprofit organization focusing on individual and group mentoring programs that provide life skills, training, and intervention to at-risk youth. Our mission is to empower youth and counteract the negative social determinants of health in underserved South Florida communities.

Helping Hands Youth Center & The Beautiful Game Project

Our mission is to empower individuals and communities through transformative and comprehensive programs, providing inclusive opportunities that bridge educational disparities, foster creativity, promote environmental sustainability, and nurture social inclusion. With dedication, we strive to make a meaningful and lasting impact, fostering growth and unlocking the full potential of individuals and the communities we serve.

Honey Shine Inc.

The mission of Honey Shine, Inc. is to encourage the balancing of mind, body, and soul in girls and women by providing nurturing experiences that enlighten their paths and empower their futures. Honey Shine launched as a girls’ mentoring program in 2003 and received a nonprofit designation in 2010.  Honey Shine has grown to include three empowerment components: Camp Honey Shine, Aspire to Shine Workshops, and an After-School Club model.  Honey Shine highlights the importance of personal development, an active and healthy lifestyle, and education for all girls ages 5-18.   In addition to having a passion-driven objective, Honey Shine believes that helping girls is an important step toward creating a more just and equitable world for all people.

Leading With Love, Inc.

Leading With Love’s mission is to strengthen the leadership skills of young girls from underserved communities, empowering them to become agents of change locally and globally through cultural immersion experiences, mentorship, and leadership development.

No Bully Gang Inc.

No Bully Gang Inc. is a community of leaders made of our youth and adults taking a stand against bullying in our surrounding communities. Our organization addresses the growing issue of bullying and suicide in our local communities and schools.

S.E.E.K Foundation, Inc.

The mission of S.E.E.K Foundation is to make STEM and STEAM education accessible for children across communities in the United States, especially minorities living in under resourced and marginalized neighborhoods. Through their workshops and after-school programs, S.E.E.K equips children from elementary to high school with critical skills to facilitate economic opportunity and become lifelong problem solvers and drivers of innovation in their communities.

Teen Up-Ward Bound Inc

As Teen Up-Ward Bound accomplishes its mission to “Build Strong Families” we strive to create an awareness of ways to overcome what has been identified in our children, youth teens and their families as a defect.  This can be achieved by assisting them to humbly comfort the truth.  This confrontation can assist in discovering and facing things that they don’t understand and have been rebelling against.    Teen Up-Ward Bound staff stresses love. The agency believes that Love is the activity that creates effects and the desire to want to create effects.  It also creates the desire to want to create a pro survival effect and replace the lost of self pride.  The loss of self-respect is the beginning of a criminal future.   The goal is to teach children, youth and teens to be responsible and to empower them through change of attitude, educational training, and to give them hope through returning faith into their lives.  Faith is the understanding of how to create what you need to change.  Instill them with the courage to know that their lives can change, and they can make a difference.  Its ordinary people that make our community what it is.  We are the builders of our community and we must be in the process to maintain it.    Teen Up-Ward Bound fosters a safe environment for the children, youth and teens to grow and learn from their growing experiences; knowing that experience is not always the best teacher.  Taking positive instructions help not to experience the negative things that society has to offer.  Children learn what they live.  The concept of “It takes a Village to Raise Our Children” employs the principles of Teen Up-Ward Bound.   Teen Up-Ward Bound finds the gift of each student and work with that gift. Each child, youth and teen is taught their gift is unique and special, just for them.  They are taught to love themselves, and then will they respect others, understanding that each is uniquely built, a Designer’s Original.

The Home Team – Miami, Inc.

The Home Team is a multidimensional youth-support program with the mission to measurably improve the lives of Miami-Dade school students through engagement with academic, sports and business leaders.

Faith Based Programs & Services

SBC Community Development Corporation of Richmond Heights, Inc.

The mission of SBC Community Development Corporation of Richmond Heights, Inc. is to build a better community through collaborative efforts and partnership that provide programs and services to address the intergenerational needs of the community.  The mission consists of four major components: youth services, elderly services, educational services, construction of a Community Center and construction of affordable housing for seniors.

Health & Wellness

305 Pink Pack

305 Pink Pack provides vital direct and support services to women in cancer treatment in South Florida, at no cost, allowing our members to focus on healing and spend more time with their families. These services provide immediate solutions to the barriers to care that minority women in our community face, bringing equity to accessing cancer care and support.

Affirming Youth Foundation, Inc.

The mission of Affirming Youth Foundation, Inc. is to improve social and emotional outcomes for all youth and families by providing wellness support, coordinated services, and trauma-informed care.

Brighter Days Foundation International

Brighter Days focuses on children and youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other mental health needs within underserved communities in South Florida. Brighter Days aims to create an environment where children, youth, and their families can thrive. We connect with them in the their home, our office, and our community.

Dade County Street Response

The mission of Dade County Street Response is to bring health services and medical professions directly to communities most impacted.

Healthy Little Havana

Live Healthy Little Havana, Inc., doing business as Healthy Little Havana (HLH), is a community-led nonprofit organization whose mission is “to promote healthy living among the residents of the Little Havana neighborhood in Miami, Florida by advocating and supporting the development of a thriving and healthy Little Havana with a focus on the Social Determinants of Health.”

Social & Community Support Services

Chainless Change, Inc.

Deeply rooted in the value of lived experience, Chainless Change is a community of recovery, advocacy and support for those negatively impacted by the criminal legal system.

Divine Centers Of Quality, Inc.

Divine Centers of Quality Mission: To provide unbiased opportunities for self-help and self-actualization for disenfranchised populations OBJECTIVES • To provide safe and nurturing residential services for individuals experiencing a condition of homelessness; • To serve as ombudsmen for unprepared and intimidated individuals seeking support from socio-economic resource systems; • To provide opportunities for continued educational progression, both formal and informal; • To equip individuals with the necessary soft and hard job skill sets vital to maintaining employment with consideration for promotion and advancement; • To address behavioral and mental health disparities; • To provide additional services as needed per assessment.

Goulds Panthers Track Club

The mission of the Goulds Panthers Track Club is to provide training to youth athletes in track & field. To use athletics as a vehicle to reach and teach youths about life changing opportunities. To encourage educational pursuit and healthy life choices. To assist in developing a stronger moral compass.

Positive People Network, Inc.

The mission of Positive People Network, Inc. is to change the quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS.   To empower, strengthen and uplift All People Living with HIV/AIDS

Prosperity Social & Community Development Group, Inc.

Create opportunity to stimulate and revitalize social and economic development in underserved communities throughout Miami-Dade serving minority groups, youth- teen girls, system involvement

The Honeycomb House

The mission of The Honeycomb House is to provide Maternity Trauma Informed Care, Holistic Education and supportive services to pregnant and postpartum mothers and their babies.

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