OFB Grant Partners Photo Gallery
We have invited recipients of Miami Open for Business grants and loans to submit photos of their assets in use. Get to know each of the businesses and nonprofits we have supported below! For more information about each business, click on the image to be taken to their website or social media.

Microgrant for Technology or Equipment

The objective of the Microgrant for Technology or Equipment is to provide funding support to nonprofit organizations and small businesses to purchase critical hardware, software, and machinery assets to grow their business. This section showcases the remarkable ways in which our grant partners have utilized OFB funding and the profound impact it has had on their businesses and organizations.

Brévo Theatre

Edge Zones

Zaylin Yates

Brévo Theatre, a nonprofit that shares thought-provoking narratives and creates nurturing environments through the arts, has used OFB microgrant funding to redesign their new website and streaming platform, “Brévo Blackbox,” featured here in use by their patrons in the comfort of their home.

Sagrario Oquet

Edge Zones, an artist–run nonprofit dedicated to strengthening the contemporary art environment in Miami, has used OFB Microgrant funding to enhance facilities, improve functionality, as well as increase safety and security for their art exhibitions. ​

“Overall, the grant has transformed our center into a polished and welcoming venue, allowing for creativity and cultural engagement.”​

Fab Lab Miami


Melissa White

Fab Lab Miami, a makerspace that offers engaging programming on digital fabrication and other STEAM activities, has used OFB Microgrant funding to purchase virtual reality technology, drones, and robots for their youth programs. ​          
“Embracing emerging technologies empowers students to unleash their creativity, expand their design capabilities, and embark on a journey of innovation and exploration.” ​

Rosangela Diniz

GoalNews, a digital soccer magazine that helps advance knowledge of American Soccer and inspires the youth to confidently pursue their dream of a soccer career here in the U.S., has used OFB Microgrant funding to acquire computers and cameras that enables them to grow their business. ​

Goodprint Media

Ideal Music Box

Adrian Monzon

Goodprint Media, a full-service marketing and media company, has used OFB Microgrant funding to purchase hardware assets that will help their clients showcase their value to the world, such as the drone used to take this photo atop the Freedom Tower.​
“This new beauty empowers Goodprint Media with additional capabilities, such as projection mapping and virtual reality development, which in turn benefit our community by offering new services on the menu”

Aurelina Romero

Ideal Music Box, a musical instrument retailer, has used OFB Microgrant funding to purchase specialized machinery to assemble raw materials and products, such as manufacturing Cuatros (string instruments) in Miami, FL for the first time.​

Kids N Touch Academy

MIA Elite Football

Falicie Dirosier

Kids N Touch Academy, an after-hour mental health service nonprofit, has used OFB Microgrant funding to purchase laptops and tablets for participants to borrow via a sign-out and return process for counseling sessions, as well as a camera and a software that will assist with Telehealth. ​

Mario Fernandez

MIA Elite Football, a football program for underserved youth, has used OFB Microgrant funding to purchase updated player equipment and uniforms.​
“These updates will ensure that our players have the necessary gear to play safely and comfortably and will also boost team morale and pride. Investing in equipment and uniforms is crucial for the development and success of our young athletes.”​

Peter London Global Dance Company

Pierre Toussaint Leadership and Learning Center

Bentonne Snay

Peter London Global Dance Company, a nonprofit that trains and mentors South Florida dancers and choreographers, has used OFB Microgrant funding to purchase hardware assets that will improve flexibility and efficiency for their touring dance company. ​
“The award will help us to increase our communication capacity by acquiring computer and printing equipment that has increased capacity for storage, faster speed and apps that help with advanced marketing a higher level of printing programs for small scale events.”​

Jean Souffrant

The Pierre Toussaint Leadership and Learning Center, a nonprofit that offers education opportunities, has used OFB Microgrant funding to support their laptop loaner program and their annual Hackathon, where youth gathered to work on and solve everyday problems using technology.​
“Having the additional laptops allowed them to work in individual teams to create their final presentations, including creating a full website to showcase their final projects.” ​

Moonlighter FabLab

Prime Proposal Group

Thomas Pupo

Moonlighter FabLab, a nonprofit that offers STEAM education, has used OFB Microgrant funding to purchase hardware assets to support their learning center and fabrication lab opportunities, such as in their Community Upskilling Workshops that teach technology and design.​
“The laptops enable us to run programs flexibly in our space, or in schools and community centers across Miami-Dade County.”​

Tammy Brownlee

Prime Proposal Group, a small business consulting firm, has used OFB Microgrant funding to support in the purchase of computers and video photography equipment that allows them to cater to a wider array of client needs without sacrificing quality. ​
“Receiving this grant has served as a catalyst for elevating our technical writing and design firm to serve even more clients by helping to boost productivity and revenue.”​

Queen Extensions


Briana Washington

Queen Extensions, a hair extensions supplier, has used OFB Microgrant funding to purchase technology that allows for the creation of new and improved content, products, and maximization of marketing skills. ​

Jevon Howell

ShopHowell, an e-commerce and design consulting services provider, has used OFB Microgrant funding to purchase software to support market expansion and the launching of their online course program.​
“Winning the Miami’s OFB Grant was a turning point, empowering us to leverage premium platforms and optimize our workflow, ensuring sustained growth and enhanced service quality.” ​



Ashley Mayfaire

TransSOCIAL, a nonprofit dedicated to expanding safe and affirming resources for the Transgender community, has used OFB Microgrant funding to purchase laptops, tables, and printer/scanners for their staff. ​
Featured here is “Administrative Coordinator, Speyder, utilizing our new technology to keep our nonprofit’s accounting up to date!”​

Derrick Mestre Newball

Vouke, a producer of clean energy drinks, has used OFB Microgrant funding to transition from using plastic bottles to aluminum cans, as well as revamp their website and integrate technology that enables them to generate leads and target their audience more effectively through enhanced digital capabilities.​
“This innovative step marks a significant milestone in our journey towards greater sustainability and improved customer convenience.”​

We are Major

Leyanis Diaz Gil

We Are Major, a one-stop shop for minority-owned businesses that provides consulting services, has used OFB Microgrant funding to support in the purchase of various software that allows them to better reach their customers. ​
“Thanks to the generous OFB award, we secured an annual subscription to Zoom and other essential software, enhancing our ability to connect, collaborate, and drive our business growth.”​
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